Summer 18.jpg

Volume 140

by Song Discovery

Our 2018 Summer issue of Song Discovery is again varied in song selections. We’ve chosen both songs that are wonderful for congregational singing and songs that are meant to be sung over a congregation, as in “special music”. You’ll again notice both songs submitted by independent recording artists as well as artists signed to labels. Some recordings are well-produced and contain imaginative lyrical pictures, yet others are simple songs that you will enjoy adding to your Sunday morning or small group worship times. The songs have been reviewed and received (over 200+ songs), either via physical submission or digital submission. A couple of these offerings were submitted as CDs, at our recent 2018 National Worship Leader Conference.

Sandra McCracken's "Steadfast" was sung and taught by her at the 2018 NWLC, as was Michael W. Smith's, "Surrounded", and Andrew Peterson's magnificent, "Is He Worthy". Our old friend Rick Founds ("Lord I Lift Your Name On High"), dropped by the conference as well, submitting, "All Will Bow", to this current compilation.